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Posted on November 18, 2016.

Counselling is a creative developmental process, whereby the
counsellor, using non judgemental and empathic methods, aims to
develop an understanding of the client's thoughts and feelings, in order
to resolve or at least relieve, personal practical or relationship issues.
It is then hoped that through encouragement and inspiration, effective
and lasting help can be facilitated.

To expand on achieving this aim, the counsellor works with the client to
formulate a variety of available options to dilemmas, and help the
person to come to their own decisions on choice.  Counselling helps
with choice decisions before any option is taken, (although counselling
may also take place after a decision is taken, but modification,
strengthening or even abandonment of the decisions need to be made).

These premises differ with:
Giving Direct Advice - a structured directional method based on a
calculation of the problems and a definitive route offered, based on the
advice giver's perception.  A doctor's final analysis and prescription for
example or a guidance officer's advice on an approprite course for a
student to take.

Giving Information - again, structured help based on known wisdom
that has been formulated on previous experiences, and is made
available in various forms such as medical leaflets, maps of helping
agencies and call centre helplines.
Providing Direct Action - catering for a person's needs in a physical
way,  for example rescuing a person from drowning, picking up
groceries for a person who is unable to do this, administering first aid in
an accident.

Teaching - imparting knowledge and skills which may improve a
person's life in a certain direction, according to a structured programme
of learning and outcome.
Systems Reform - altering mechanisms based on perceived flaws and
attempting in good faith to improve situations for the public good.
For example allowing patients to get appointments quicker by
improving an outdated selection method and introducing a streamlined
computer system.

We can see in summary, that the fundamental differences between
counselling and other forms of help, are in the transition of power in the
decision making process from the helper to the person(s) being
assisted.  The transfer of power on choice is weighted far more towards
the client in a counselling relationship than in any other form of helping

Three Variant Methods of Counselling

Posted on November 18, 2016.

The Person Central approach is based on self actualisation, the theory
that human beings have the inate ability to heal, grow and develop their
potential through self examination. The Person Centred Counsellor will
try to enable the environment, in which an individual can explore
themselves and provide solutions to psychological difficulties,
essentially by self help. The counsellor will use the core conditions of
empathy unconditional positive regard and respect.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, by contrast, concentrates on the theory
that everything we have become is through a process of learning, and if
negative learning patterns are causing problems, they can be "re-
programmed" so to speak,  in order to create a renewed and positive
aspect to a particular set of problems.

The counsellor using this technique would take a more direct approach
by exploring with the client, the difficulties , the personal aims and
goals, then jointly formulate a set of plans for a learning regime that will
achieve the desired results.  The Cognitive Behavioural Therapist will
work on irrational thought processes and put forward reasoned
arguments that they hope the individual will then adopt in order to
create a more fulfilled rounded person.

Psychodynamic Counselling, concentrates on the mysterious, inate
workings of the mind and unconcious instincts which control our
persona. Childhood experiences are very important to interpretations as is dream therapy.

The Psychodynamic Counsellor will use their knowledge and skills to
investigate the hidden side of the individual through conversation, and
will promote personal understanding, use methods to overcome
defence mechanisms and possibly regression techniques to "draw out"
the unconcious side of the individual.
This approach is usually considered longer term than the previous
methods of therapy.

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